In The Past Few Weeks Since Lockdown Began... Christians together with the majority of all other religious organizations around the world were locked down from gathering in places of worship.

We as Christians could not gather to celebrate the death & resurrection of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. We could not share the communion together in our sanctuary of worship... The very emblems symbolic of The Blood of Jesus that was shed for the remission of sins and His Body that was broken for us.

We could not even visit each other in our homes... And yet through all of this The Church was still able to reach out to more souls than ever before in the history of humanity through the preaching of the Word.. The Good News Of Gods Love!!!

While the world was devastated with a plague of fear... The Gospel Message of Jesus Christ began to spread faster than the pandemic could infect! And as Kingdom Preachers Brought Faith... The World Began To Embrace Gods Peace In The Middle Of The Storm! We brought hope... We shared Gods Love... We fed multitudes with the resources we had among our members... even though many of them could no longer support their Churches or their Pastors... We did what we could with what we had! We helped families among our congregations who had nothing more to feed their children... And yet these are the stories that many Pastors will never publicize because we do what we need to do to reach out to our people when they are in need without a care for recognition or applause for ourselves!

During This Time Of Lockdown We Were Once Again Reminded Of... The Cruel But Redeeming Cross Of Calvary... The Silent But Empty Tomb At Jerusalem... The Ascension Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ... The Messiah… The Beloved Son Of God! And even though the world was in lockdown... THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST COULD NOT BE LOCKED DOWN!!!

Many around the world may not believe in the Christian Faith... but our calenders from old records the days of remembrance concerning This Jesus In Whom We Christians Believe! His life upon the earth was truly one of the most memorable of all historical events ever recorded in the pages of the human race. He had the greatest mind among the religious experts of the law & His response to their constant attempts to trap Him silenced each of those highly educated men! He captivated the hearts and minds of men, women & children wherever He went for they had never before heard any man speak with such deep revelation of The unseen God of Heaven & Earth. His miracles, signs & wonders spoke volumes about The Ultimate Authority That He Walked In!

Jesus mapped out through His Word the pathway to The Throne Of Grace that is ever open to those who will choose to embark on a constant pursuit for God. And through our relationship with Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit we begin to see in The Holy Scriptures… Not who we are but Whose we are! In our discovery of Who He Is we begin to see what we can become for the Glory Of The Father Who sent His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life!

His Word still remains as one of the greatest Books ever written upon the face of this earth! It is the motivation behind the Christian faith! It satisfies the hunger of those who want to know God! His Word is the passion of His Love! It is the driving force behind the ministers of the Gospel! Jesus is the answer to the unsaved world and it is because of Jesus we have the mandate to touch but a few for Gods Kingdom! And in so doing we have the humble task of helping people find their destiny in God through Christ by the leading of The Holy Spirit!

May the exemplary legacy left by Jesus Christ become the very foundations upon which we raise up a new & powerful generation of outstanding young people, that will take a stand for Jesus & not stumble over the immaturities within our feeble minds!

During these times of turmoil let us be reminded of... The Ascension Of Our Jesus The Christ… An event that was witnessed by the multitudes who testified… Let us rejoice even though many may be somewhat saddened by trying times! May We Never Forget That Jesus Is Coming Back Again For His Bride! Are You Ready? Have You Become So Busy With The Hurts & Offenses That Have Blemished Your Wedding Garments? Are You So Busy Being Influenced By The Voices Of Your Past That Keep Open The Infected Wounds Of Your Pain? Are you still blaming the Pastors that you walked away from for the self inflicted pain that you still choose to carry? Were they not the ones who nurtured you & fed you the spiritual food that you needed when no one else was there to help heal your bleeding wounds?

Will You Let Go Of Every Little Unnecessary Weight Of Your Past That Stops You From Moving Forward? Will You Learn To Enjoy The Ride With The Ones That God Has Placed In Your Life As You Walk Towards Your Destiny Of Tomorrow While Embracing Your Purpose For Today?

We Pastors Care So Deeply About Each Of You... And As Strange As It May Sound.. We Have A Deep Love For The Souls That We Have Not Yet Seen! God Will Give Us The Nations As An Inheritance & The Ends Of The Earth As Our Possession... And God Gave Us You... That Together We May Remain Focused On His Will In Order To Accomplish His Dream For Those Upon This Earth Who Are Yet To Encounter The Cross!

Lets Stand Together And Rise Together... Lets Join Our Hands Together And Come Back With One United Voice... Lets Invest More Time & More Resources As We Prepare To Make A Greater Impact In This World That Eye Has Not Yet Seen Nor Ear Has Yet To Hear... Lets Do This All For The Glory Of The One Who Ascended On High... And Who Will Soon Return For His Spotless Bride!

We As Your Shepherds Called Of God… Are Excited About What God Has Prepared For You! God Most Definitely Has Priceless Things Set Aside For You And This Is Why God Gave Us You! Keep Your Eyes On Jesus & Stay Connected In These Glorious Days Of His Kingdom That Has Come Upon The Earth!

The Value Of Your Christian Faith Is Priceless!

We Love You Precious Family!

Dr. Viv & Dr. Charmaine

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