May The Holy Spirit Of Peace Comfort You...

Father we pray for every person today reading this prayer. We pray over their minds and we come against every spirit of anxiety and fear! We declare right now that your mind is covered by the blood of Jesus!

All worry and all anxiety and fear will leave your life this very moment! According to the Word of God you are delivered and protected and you are healed! You are preserved from all wicked generational curses and right now we release the anointing in the blood of Jesus that covers your mind … covers your heart and bring super abundant blessings into your life!

May doors of favor open up for you that no man can shut. May your trust and hope and expectation be in the most Holy God who created the heavens and the earth! At this very moment we declare that you will make the Lord of the heavens your hiding place. He is your refuge… He is your strength… The One that raises you up on high and we declare that your name will be lifted up on high in the name of Jesus.

He has called you to glory… He has called you to do great exploits and in Jesus name no more will fear dominate your mind and thoughts  or your atmosphere… But the spirit of love, joy, peace, happiness and Gods glory fill your atmosphere and invade your mind and cause your heart to come to peace with the Lord of the heavens and the earth!

May the Holy Spirit of peace comfort you… strengthen you and give you the hope that you need and cause you to rise up in faith in Jesus mighty name! We pray that the revelational Word of God, the knowledge of His will come into your heart right now!

May you know what He had called you to do and anointed you to do! In this time of chaos... In this time of turmoil no more will you be doubtful, but you will rise up in faith in the mighty name of Jesus. May you make the Lord God of the heavens your hiding place! May you make the Lord God of the heavens your strength and comfort and shield in Jesus name!

We declare that doors will open up of favor! God will give you wisdom… God will give you grace and He will give you understanding. You will rise up with great wisdom and great revelation and understanding even in this time of lockdown you will rise up and you will become a name that God will make great amongst the nation! 

With great ideas and great inventions God will surround you with the right kind of crowd and the right kind of people. God will sever the wrong people that brings fear in your life! In the name of Jesus we declare this morning rise up and be healed! Rise up and walk in divine health! You will not die but live to declare the works of the Lord. We curse every tumor.

We curse every sickness... Every disease and declare what you will rise up and declare the Mighty name of Jesus. You will walk in divine health because the blood has been shed and you will walk in divine favor. You will walk in the grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and you will not give up! You will not give up because the Lord of the heavens and the earth is your hiding place in Jesus mighty name!

God bless you mighty servant of God! Rise up and stand strong in this time because God has not given up on you!

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