Excellence In Leadership Part1/3





Excellene In Leadership

Let’s Expose These False Prophets Who Have Been Leading Us Astray! Not only those uneducated false prophets who preach from pulpits and do strange things... but let’s bring it home to the false doctrines preached in our homes by fathers, mothers, single parents & single people!

Remember this...

How You Walk Into The House Of God Reveals Your Level Of Honour To God!

The Word tells us in Matt 24 about the signs of the end of the age... false prophets will arise... many will wax cold because of iniquity.Men & Women are prophets of their home whether single or married... a man that refuses to get to church on time preaches to his family that God is okay when men get to work & meetings on time but to the House of God late... this preaches your message of what you stand for...that you have a greater fear for your boss & business associates than you do for God! If you show more respect to man than you do for God then it’s obvious who your real god is.

A person who thinks that they only need a Sunday service to grow in maturity is self-centered because church is not only about boosting your faith & changing your atmosphere but it’s a place where we all come together to make a difference in the lives of each other as one corporate body.

Once a week church attendance is not enough to grow in corporate fellowship... get your excuses out of the way & get to every church meeting that you can! It’s amazing how faithful people are when they need prayer and need a miracle and yet when all is well they have wonderful reasons as to why they are too busy to attend church or to even get to church on time.

Dr. Vivian & Dr. Charmaine Thompson-Rodgers


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When You Act Upon The Revelation Of The Word...

You Will Encounter The Power Of The Anointed One!

(Dr. Vivian Rodgers)

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