Excellence In Leadership Part 2/3





When church becomes a burden then the devil has hooked you into his deception that will lead you to backslide!

When serving in church becomes a burden then you have developed your spiritual ears to hear the voice of deception more than the Voice of Gods Truth!

Your reasons for not attending all church services speaks volumes and yet you will attend all work socials, parties, presentations... and when you need a Pastor for your functions, weddings, funerals... you expect him to be there for you all the time. So... when are we going to make an effort to raise the bar on the image of Christ we display to our children? Have we lowered our standard of Excellence to adapt to the times?

Would Our Sovereign God Of Excellence Be Well Pleased With Our Poor Reflection Of His Image & Character On Display Through Us?

Let’s not settle for a poor standard of mediocrity!Let’s raise the bar on our discipline, our church attendance, our time keeping, our word!

Get to church every chance you get even if you are running late due to unforeseen circumstances!When the Pastor takes a little longer than usual... people complain... but nobody complains when latecomers stroll into church during Praise & Worship and push through people who came early & are lost in worship. Then everyone gets disturbed to make way for these holy latecomers as they make their way to their holy seats. Let’s get rid of the false prophets in your home first and then the church will be a better home for all to enjoy!

The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Not Only Revealed By The Love Of God... But Also By The Discipline Of Its Citizens!

Dr. Vivian & Dr. Charmaine Thompson-Rodgers


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