Life offers pictures of the things you’ve come to love and appreciate. Ministries and churches for me are one of them. I have had the privilege to know Vivian Rodgers for the last 15 years, his commitment to the word of God and “Living Life At Another Level” are unparalleled. But this cannot be done alone, without a helper a man cannot multiply. When God sent Charmaine into “his picture” multiplication began… I am deeply impressed to see their complimenting abilities… and influencing their community side by side… I am humbled to know them.



Dr. Vivian Rodgers is a man with a drive for Excellence that is second to none. His passion for the work of the Lord is exhibited by his tireless working in the kingdom to feed the church of God and believers with the undiluted word of truth. I have known Dr. Rodgers for over ten years and I have found him to be a person of strong moral character. He is meticulous in his approach to life, business and ministry. His book on ‘Excellence’ is a manual that churches and businesses should employ to bring the best out of their organizations.


Dr. Rodgers is an amicable, sociable and at the same time a very professional person. His teaching is thought provoking and challenges one to move beyond the status quo. His style of presentation is easily understood by the common man. I have also had the privilege of spending some time with his lovely wife, Charmaine. She is a very talented and creative person who is as driven as Dr. Vivian. Her quest for knowledge of God and ministry is insatiable. I have found her to be genuine and a caring person.  Dr. Vivian and Charmaine make a quite a formidable team.