A LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE - We are a dynamic group of young people passionate about taking the gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world in unconventional ways, using the gifts and talents God has blessed us with. This is created through a house of love with a solid foundation on the word of God, worship and a relationship with God. Our core pillars are identity, trust, no condemnation, freedom and creativity. No Young person should be looked down upon just because they are young, but instead they should be trained to be an example to those around and that’s where we as the ERA come in.

We consist of a diverse group of young adults and aim to create a place where each young adult’s leadership qualities are developed through training and one-on-one mentorship and where their character and confidence is built up, so they can be all that God wants them to be and everyone has an opportunity to discover their identity in Christ.

ERA is an environment where young people can enjoy the freedom to create and use their abilities in the house of God, knowing that there will be no judgement. It is an environment where young people can trust that they are able speak from their hearts without feeling condemned. It’s an environment where young people are taught how to deal with the challenges and overcome them whether in their personal life, in school, varsity, or even in the work place.


ERA will also conduct workshops where young people can learn about life skills, get career advice and develop their entrepreneurial side so that they can impact the communities that they live in. The social side includes game nights, a camp and a year-end function which allows the young adults to feel like they belong and interact in a fun and entertaining way. The socials are always met with excitement as they afford the young adults to interact in an environment which is safe and free from negative elements such as drugs and alcohol.


Our goal is to also have a recreational center that will be open to any young person catering for those who want to play sports, learn to play musical instruments and other art forms. Join the movement today and be a part of a new ERA of young adults sold out for Christ.

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